Antonio Strada
Name Antonio Strada
Title Sweetness
Pathology Drug dealer
Ex-gang banger
Status Deceased
Actor Uncredited
First Appearance Baby Killer

Antonio "Sweetness" Strada was a drug-dealer associated with seven-year-old Elias Barrera. After Elias accidentally killed a classmate, the Special Victims Unit discovered that the boy had been trying to scare off one of Sweetness' associates, who shortly after killed Sweetness to try and cover up a crime. (SVU: "Baby Killer")


Born Antonio Strada, Sweetness was a former gang banger, known for spending his drug money on candy (hence the nickname). After spending several years in prison for gang violence, he tried to go straight, helping his great-grandmother with her daycare, but soon fell back into the drug game, going so far as to recruit one of her charges, seven-year-old Elias Barrera, to help him.

After a drug deal gone wrong, Sweetness' associate Nicky "Machete" Crow shot and killed a customer named Shorty Esposito. Shortly afterwards, Machete discovered that Elias had witnessed the shooting and began stalking him. Elias panicked when Machete appeared outside his schoolyard and pulled a gun, but accidentally killed one of his classmates, Carly Jackson, instead. As the police were investigating the incident, Machete killed Sweetness to cover his tracks.

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