Law and Order
Law and Order
L&O, Episode 4.07
Production number: 69013
First aired: 3 November 1993
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Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin

Directed By
Gabrielle Beaumont


After a bomb explodes, the challenge is proving the bomber was carrying out the orders of a cult leader.


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Listen, my old lady had a rosary in her left hand while she beat the crap out of me with her right. Next time I go to church, six of my closest buddies will be carrying me.

–Mike Logan

Adam Schiff: Next, I'd like to see you yank out the tablecloth and leave the glasses standing. No way you should have won this case.
Ben Stone: I just sold them a bit of my own snake oil.

Background information and notes[]

  • This episode is based on the Charles Manson case. Manson was a charismatic cult leader who was believed to have brainwashed many of his followers into committing horrible atrocities, the most memorable (to most) being the brutal slaying of pregnant actress Sharon Tate in her home. (Charles Manson at Wikipedia)

Episode scene cards[]

1 2 3

Apartment Of
Margaret Berman
27 East 51st Street
Tuesday, July 21

St. Paul's
Lutheran Church
591 East 23rd Street
Wednesday, July 29

Unitel Service Station
496 East Houston
Thursday, July 30

4 5 6

Old World Antiques
Stuart Melnick
607 Madison Avenue
Tuesday, August 3

Rikers Island
Correctional Facility
Thursday, August 5

Chambers Of
Judge Elayne Link
Tuesday, August 10


Supreme Court
Trial Part 57
Thursday, September 23

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