I realized whether I testified or not, he was going to hear people call me names. And I'd rather him hear them call me a dyke than a bigot.

–Lt. Arleen Gonzales, regarding her son.

Arleen Gonzales
Title Lieutenant
Affiliation Los Angeles Police Department
Division Robbery/Homicide
Occupation Police Officer
Family Unnamed son
Status Alive
Actor Wanda De Jesus (pilot)
Rachel Ticotin
First Appearance "Hollywood"
Last Appearance "Westwood"


Arleen Gonzales is the Commanding Officer of the LAPD Robbery/Homicide Division. She is a cool professional who keeps her private life private and has a passionate advocate for her detectives. In the episode, "East Pasadena," it's revealed that she has an 11-year-old son, but was only mentioned.

In "El Sereno," when a defendant's lawyer uses an edited tape of Gonzales (which portrays her as a racist & a bigot) to accuse the LAPD of racial profiling (because the defendant was the only African-American employee), Gonzales comes out as a lesbian on the stand, stating that before she could understand the prejudices of others, she had to understand her own prejudices.

Arlene also has a law degree. She pulled a few strings to get Ricardo Morales into Homicide as T.J.'s new partner. She was seen rattled when Rex Winters died in the hospital after getting shot.

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