Arten Bardha
Name Arten Bardha
Occupation Sand and gravel supplier
Pathology Mass Murderer
Drug dealer
Status Imprisoned
Actor Sándor Técsy
First Appearance "Enemy"

Arten Bardha was the Albanian-born proprietor of a sand and gravel business in New York City. He was also affiliated with the Albanian mob and heroin trade, and in this capacity, he was approached by Indian heroin importer Hydar Raheem on behalf of Afghani drug lord Qaadar Khaleel to retrieve a shipment of heroin that was stolen by a dealer, Sammy Santiago. Bardha went a little overboard, tortured Santiago to death, and killed several bystanders who were unlucky enough to see him in the act. He was identified by one of the survivors, Sabina Montgomery, and arrested for the killings. He is presumably still in prison. (L&O: "Enemy")

Known victims[edit | edit source]

  • An unspecified assault
  • Sammy Santiago (tortured by beating, then strangled with a ligature)
  • The stash house massacre (all of the victims were shot with a shotgun or a TEC-9 pistol):
    • Linda Mackenzie
    • Brittany Walker
    • Maria Alvarez
    • Tino
    • Deddy
    • Two unnamed drug dealers
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