Arthur Gold
Name Arthur Gold
Title Defense Attorney
Affiliation Sharon Styger (associate)
David Werner (associate)
Occupation Attorney
Status Alive
Actor George Grizzard
First Appearance "Severance"
Last Appearance "Dissonance"

Arthur Gold is a defense attorney who has a rivalry with Benjamin Stone. He is known for filing countless motions in order to bury the prosecutor in paperwork while at the same time portraying the prosecution as a persecution.


Gold used his standard M.O. while trying a case against Stone in 1986, People vs. Jacobs, where he got the murder weapon suppressed by wearing out the judge. He is also known for publishing articles in a law magazine called "The Journal" with his most recent being called "The Rule of M's: Mountains of Motions Multiply Mistakes", which he goes into detail that said no prosecutor could survive this strategy. He briefly retired from practicing law and didn't return until Kim Triandos called and asked for his help.

Known Clients

Firm Clients


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