Arthur Tunney
Name Arthur Tunney
Pathology Serial killer
Family Unnamed mother (deceased)
Mary Bradley (née Tunney; sister)
Allen Bradley (brother-in-law)
Status Deceased
Actor William Carden
First Appearance "Profile"

Arthur Tunney was a white supremacist serial killer who shot four African-Americans living in his neighborhood.

History[edit | edit source]

Tunney developed white supremacist beliefs after his mother was killed by an African-American mugger. He projected blame onto the entire black race for her death and began subscribing to white power magazines. Eventually, Tunney began prowling around his predominately African-American neighborhood with a shotgun, killing three people and injuring a fourth. Detectives Briscoe and Logan tracked him down through his subscription to a racist magazine and found that he fit a profile developed by Dr. Elizabeth Olivet of a loner who lives in the neighborhood, blames African-Americans for his problems, and owns a shotgun.

They brought Tunney in for questioning and arrested him when the surviving victim identified his voice from a voice lineup. While in jail, he was stabbed by an African-American inmate, further fueling his racism. Tunney went to trial, represented by African-American lawyer Horace McCoy. When someone committed a copycat murder, McCoy drafted a motion to have Tunney released on bail due to reasonable doubt about his guilt, which was granted. Once Tunney was out on the street, he tried to shoot an African-American woman, who shot and killed him in self-defense. (L&O: "Profile")

Known Victims[edit | edit source]

  • 1993:
    • Ruben Calzada (killed with a shotgun blast)
    • Hector Duvall (killed with a shotgun blast)
    • Ashita Khan (killed with a shotgun blast)
    • Lionel Jackson (attempted, managed to survive)
    • An unnamed african american girl and her father (both survived, the girl shot Tunney with a handgun, killing him in self-defense)
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