Ashok Ramsey
Name Ashok Ramsey
Title Detective
Affiliation NYPD
Division Special Frauds Unit
Status Alive
Actor Naveen Andrews
First Appearance "Shadow"

Ashok "Ash" Ramsey is an British Indian Special Frauds Unit (SFU) Detective who worked with Stabler and Benson on the Gillette/Prestwick case. He has an MBA from the London School of Economics.


Ramsey's investigation of Anne Gillette, the SFU's prime suspect in the murder of her wealthy parents, came at the request of One Police Plaza and the Mayor.

According to Ramsey, Anne had expensive tastes as she spent through her trust fund from her parents and she had stolen $3,500,000 from a charitable organization called the Prestwick Foundation. Ramsey suspected that Anne killed her parents for the money, since she was their sole heir to their estate, worth over $200,000,000.

Anne had unsuccessfully tried out three times for the Olympic equestrian team, evaded paying taxes for five years when she opened an art gallery, been privately sued various times for her work as an interior designer and was on the foundation because her father donated $10,000,000. She was kicked out of three prep schools, and she finally graduated from a girl's finishing school in Switzerland, where she received credit for flower arrangement.

She had stolen the $3,500,000 from the Prestwick Foundation, she had made donations to recipients, which turned out to be for her and went on shopping sprees. She has an accomplice, but Ramsey hadn't been able to identify him, and been tracking her spending and was almost out of funds.

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