L&O, Episode 13.08
Production number: E3308
First aired: 27 November 2002
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Written By
Terri Kopp

Directed By
Steve Shill


A star baseball player from a small town becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his limousine driver when it is discovered that the driver regularly supplied steroids to the sports icon. The subsequent investigation reveals blackmail as the underlying motive for the murder.


Main cast

Guest cast



Background information and notes

Rugby, North Dakota (often billed as the Geographical Center of North America) was also referenced in Season 16 Episode 18 "Thinking Makes It So."

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Ralph's Body Art
112 Tenth Avenue
Wednesday, October 17

Apartment Of
Kevin Seleeby
247 East 63rd Street
Wednesday, October 17

Office Of
Martin Stanley
847 Seventh Avenue
Thursday, October 18

4 5 6

Manhattan Westmont
Thursday, October 18

Office Of
Dr. Emil Skoda
Friday, October 26

Living Out Magazine
60 Prince Street
Friday, Novmember 2

7 8 9

Chambers Of
Judge Walter Bradley
Thursday, November 8

Supreme Court
Trial Part 62
Tuesday, December 11

Supreme Court
Trial Part 62
Wednesday, December 12


Supreme Court
Trial Part 62
Tuesday, December 18

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