"At Midnight In Manhattan"
SVU, Episode 21.05
Production number: 21005
First aired: 24 October 2019
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Teleplay By
Kathy Dobie & Micharne Cloughley

Story By
Brianna Yellen

Directed By
Peter Werner


The detectives are spread thin when three major cases come in at midnight. Rollins and Carisi argue over an arrest.




Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast




Olivia: You get any sleep?
Katriona: Yeah, a solid 20. It's all you need.

Katriona: Thanks for the heads-up, Lakira. Somebody helping you out?
Lakira: An angel with wings.
Katriona: I thought he was a vulture.
Lakira: You know what my moms used to say?
Katriona: No. Why don't you tell me?
Lakira: She said there's two types of people in this world. The ones that turn gold into garbage and the ones that turn garbage into gold.
Katriona: Is that what you think you did?
Lakira: She's pretty, isn't she? I got it for my moms. I got rent money for her too. Maybe she'll finally let me move back home. Turning vultures into angels, Kit Kat. You know me.

Background Information and Notes

  • This episode is similar to the Law & Order episodes Mayhem and Couples, where the squad deals with a string of unrelated cases in one day.

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"The Burden Of Our Choices"
"At Midnight In Manhattan"
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Season 21
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