Augustino Aguilar
Name Augustino Aguilar
Title Little Tino
Affiliation Roger Pearson
Alexa Pearson
Occupation Pimp
Pathology Serial rapist
Serial assailant
Family Alminia Aguilar (mother)
Status In witness protection
Actor Gavin-Keith Umeh
First Appearance "Spring Awakening"
Last Appearance "Girls Disappeared"
Augustino "Little Tino" Aguilar is a pimp working for Angel Perez and most known for being Ellie Porter's pimp.


Tino bought Ellie from Johnny D. when she was 16 years old and also used her for sex on occasion. When she got pregnant he allowed her to keep him as long as she keeps working. When she overdosed on Christmas he sold him to a couple of child-rape videographers who had sold him a ten-year-old girl once and told Ellie he died. He has two arrests for possession which were plead down and a domestic dispute but his girlfriend at the time recanted.


He later started robbing tourists by using Ellie to set up dates and she would call him and rob them at gunpoint. He continued this pattern until he robbed a German tourist named Hans Erhard and used his gun to anally rape him. After this, SVU set up a sting operation and caught him in the act with Lieutenant Declan Murphy acting as a john. Hans was able to identify Ellie but Tino was set free due to Hans picking out the wrong guy. Later his mother's house is raided and Tino tries to flee but is caught and arrested. The police find drugs and weapons in her house put Tino and his mom pin that stuff on Tino's mom's ex-husband. Little Tino and his mom are arraigned and are both allowed out on bail but Tino has to wear an ankle monitor. He later takes part in the gang-rape murder of Ellie for talking to the cops and confesses to green lighting her. Though Benson doesn't believe he has that kind of juice, he is arrested and convicted on everything to protect his boss. (SVU: "Spring Awakening")

Sergeant Benson and A.D.A. Barba later visit him after he is connected to Angel Perez's company Quickride. Tino refuses to cooperate with them because he believes no one will talk with them and believes himself safe. He later makes a veiled threat on Noah's life in order to dissuade her from investigating further. Tino's loyalty is later proven to be misplaced after he is stabbed repeatedly in prison by three inmates working for Angel in an effort to silence him and several other witnesses. He eventually recovers and signs a statement incriminating Angel as the one who ordered the hit on Ellie. He is subsequently put in witness protection. (SVU: "Girls Disappeared")

Known Victims

  • Ellie Porter (raped; later gang-raped, tortured, and burned alive with five other men)
  • Four unnamed men (all robbed and beaten at gunpoint)
  • Hans Erhard (robbed and beaten at gunpoint, then raped with the same gun)
  • Declan Murphy (attempted to rob)
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