Australia is a country located on a continent of the same name, just below Southeast Asia. Once a penal colony for the British Empire, it has long since become a popular vacation spot due to its warm weather and preponderance of beaches. The famous late wildlife expert Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter", hailed from Australia.

Nicole Wallace

Nicole Wallace

Nicole Wallace was originally from Australia, and murdered fellow resident Elizabeth Hitchens in order to steal her identity and flee the country to avoid being charged for her daughter's murder. (CI: "Anti-Thesis", "Grow") She would later travel on to Thailand, where she met another sociopath, Bernard Fremont, with whom she would embark on a crime spree that left eight people dead before the two of them were locked up in 1985. (CI: "Slither") They went their separate ways after that. and Wallace returned to Australia.

In 1996, there was an outbreak of Anthrax in Victoria. Nicole Wallace received the vaccine, while Elizabeth Hitchens did not (which is to be expected, since Hitchens was dead.) A year later, Wallace met Dr. Dan Croyden, an American pathologist who'd come to Australia to study the anthrax outbreak's effect on the local sheep population. (CI: "A Person of Interest")

Nicole Wallace would later have a long criminal career in New York City, where she would become a frequent and enthusiastic adversary of NYPD Detective Robert Goren.

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