Avery Hemmings
Avery H.
Name Avery Hemmings
Title Defense attorney
Occupation Attorney
Pathology Double murderer
Status Deceased
Actor Michelle Borth
First Appearance "Trade"

Avery Hemmings was a defense attorney for coffee importers Pierson David Bartlett and Pierson David "P.J." Bartlett Jr. when they were each accused of murdering Jenna Ludlow, P.J.'s fiancée. She murdered Jenna herself out of jealousy, but eventually, she took her own life, murdering P.J. as she killed herself.


Hemmings had been P.J.'s attorney, and she blamed the Special Victims Unit of the N.Y.C.P.D. for accusing her client of murdering Jenna. While watching a video of Jenna's murder, she protested that the video be turned off and ran off before the real killer, who, as it proved, was Hemmings herself, was revealed on the video. She opened a fire escape and attempted to commit suicide by jumping before Bartlett Sr., P.J., prosecutor Casey Novak, and detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler followed her.

After Hemmings's admission that she had "embracerized" (tampered with) the juror and hired a private investigator who had been following Bartlett Jr., P.J. grabbed her legs. However, before she could get back on the roof, and after admitting her love to P.J., saying that nothing would tear him away from her ever again, she jumped off the ledge, carrying P.J. with her; this had the result of killing them both on the roof of a car. Bartlett Sr. was left emotionally devastated at his son's death, and worst of all that he (P.J.) had been murdered in the course of his own attorney's suicide.

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