Avery Huntington
Name Avery Huntington
Occupation Head of Avery Huntington Foundation
Pathology Child molester
Family Lois Huntington (wife)
Jamie Huntington-McKenna (daughter)
Randall McKenna (son-in-law)
Emily McKenna (granddaughter)
Michael McKenna (grandson)
Justin McKenna (step-grandson)
Status Deceased
Actor Uncredited
First Appearance "Legacy"

Avery Huntington was a wealthy businessman and ambassador who molested his daughter, Jamie Huntington-McKenna, when she was eleven years old.

History[edit | edit source]

When he died soon afterward, she numbed her pain and anger with prescription drugs. Her mother Lois was unaware of what her husband had done, and sent Jamie to boarding school to deal with her "discipline problem".

While trying to get Jamie to confess to the murder of her daughter, Emily, Munch tells Jamie that he has a friend in Children's Services who remembers her, and that her superiors hushed up her abuse because they feared Avery's retribution. When Munch asked about how her mother handled the investigation, Jamie says that her mother was jealous because "daddy couldn't stand to touch her".

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