Avi (CI)
Name Avi
Affiliation Alexandra Eames
Status Alive
Actor Michael Aronov
First Appearance "One"
Avi is a man who helped Detective Eames intentify who go the materials in the robbery of a jewelry store performed by Karl Atwood.


Avi was interviewed by Detective Eames on who he thought could have been the group that would want to buy the stolen diamonds robbed the jewelry store which resulted in the deaths of Sophie Kersten and her boyfriend. Avi says that it is not the Russians due to them "choking in diamonds" from a diamond heist crew whose diamonds they bought they perform but maybe it was the Chinese Triad. When seeing the picture of the tool used to open the safe to the diamonds Detective Eames says how it was a hand tool welded to the door. Avi then says to Detective Eames that he knows a welder in Brooklyn that may have made the tool. (CI: "One")

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