Axel Kaspers
Name Axel Kaspers
Title John Cauldner
Affiliation The American Workers' Army
The Red Army Faction (former)
Occupation Former dock worker
Pathology Serial killer
Serial bomber
Family Birgit Kaspers (adoptive daughter; deceased)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Stephen Lang
First Appearance "Revolution"

Axel Kaspers is a former left-wing militant from Germany who formed a new terrorist cell in New York City that targeted Continental Bankcorp and other entities in the banking world.

While in Germany, his then-girlfriend introduced him to the Red Army Faction. She committed suicide in prison. Kaspers spent five years in German prison. He was paroled in 1985.

Kaspers adopted Birgit Kaspers at one point. In 2009, he convinced her to join him in his attempt to start a revolution.

Following a failed standoff at the Continental Bankcorp Wall Street branch, Kaspers was convicted on multiple murder and terrorism charges and sentenced to life in federal prison. (CI: "Revolution")

Known Victims

  • Post-1985, Germany: Karl and Rosalie Fichte (killed with a firebomb)
  • 2009, New York City, New York, U.S.:
    • The attempted kidnapping:
      • Peter Evans (the Continental Bankcorp president; attempted to kidnap; later shot in the shoulder by Simeon, then fatally shot again by Kaspers)
      • Jerry Delarossa (Evans' bodyguard; shot in the chest)
    • The attempted car bombing:
    • Mel Simeon (accomplice; strangled with an electrical cord)
    • Unnamed security guard (assaulted; cut by flying glass from a car bombing)
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