B.J. Cameron
Name B.J. Cameron
Affiliation WREN 98.3; Entropy Broadcasting
Occupation Shock Jock
Status Alive
Actor Lewis Black
First Appearance Obscene

B.J. Cameron is a shock jock and the host of the B.J. Cameron Show, based in New York City.


A major ratings hit, B.J. receives an average audience of 200,000. In 2003, he got into a one-sided feud with TV star Jessie Dawning after she walked off his show. His fans soon swore vengeance upon Dawning, and B.J. declared that anyone who managed to steal her panties would be let on the air. One fan, Danny Spencer, who happened to be the son of one of Cameron's fiercest critics, sneaked into Dawning's trailer and raped her.

After Danny pleaded guilty to the rape, his mother Carolyn blamed B.J. and shot him outside his studio. Put on trial for attempted second-degree murder, Carolyn was released after the jury deadlocked, despite evidence that she and a friend had conspired so that she would be filmed shooting B.J. He was later heard on the radio, ranting about how Carolyn deserved punishment for attacking him and asking jokingly if he would be allowed to "flip the switch". (SVU: "Obscene")

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