"Bad Faith"
L&O, Episode 5.20
Production number: 69426
First aired: 26 April 1995
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Cragen Bad Faith
Written By
René Balcer

Directed By
Dann Florek


The probe into the death of Logan's friend involves a former priest with a history of pedophilia.


Main cast

Recurring cast

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Krolinksy: Please, I have a family...
McCoy: I feel sorry for them.

There's people like him in every neighborhood. Could be the Little League coach, your kid's favorite teacher . . . it's too bad they don't glow in the dark.

–Anita van Buren

Father Navarro: When Father Krolinsky was pronounced cured, he was sent to another parish.
McCoy: How many times was he pronounced cured?

Schiff: Sounds like Krolinsky's been behaving himself all these years.
McCoy: It just means he hasn't been caught. I've prosecuted pedophiles, Adam. They defy rehabilitation.

He was a big deal, our parents loved him. What are kids gonna do against a parish priest?

–Mike Logan

Krolinksy: I want to get help. I'm a sick man. I want to get help.
McCoy: You're an adult. Your victims are children. There's nothing you could say that would make me feel sorry for you.

We called you 'Father'. How could you do that to us? You even did it to your own kid! How could you do that?

–Mike Logan

Background information and notes

  • This episode is based on the James Porter case in Boston. Porter was accused of molesting over 200 boys and girls while he was a priest. The archdiocese responded by denying the victims' claims of abuse or transferring Porter to other parishes. Porter eventually left the priesthood and got married. He was later convicted for molesting a teenage girl who baby-sat his children. (Source: James Porter (Catholic priest) at Wikipedia)
  • Cragen makes a comment about his fourteen-year-old daughter, even though it's been previously established that he and his wife Marge have no children.

Episode scene cards

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Office Of
Capt. Donald Cragen
Task Force Headquarters
Wednesday, March 8

Chambers Of
Judge Novak
Thursday, April 7

Office Of
Reverend David Navarro
Archdiocese Of N.Y.C.
Monday, April 11

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Supreme Court
Trial Part 70
Monday, May 16

Supreme Court
Trial Part 70
Monday, May 23

Apartment Of
Mrs. Krolinsky
Trenton, New Jersey
Wednesday, May 25

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