"Bad Romance"
UK, Episode 8.06
Production number:
First aired: 16 April 2014
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Written By
Louise Ironside

Directed By
Joss Agnew


Maids find blood-stained sheets but no body in a hotel room, booked with a credit card stolen from businessman Charles Hutton by Rufus Barton, a school classmate and secret lover of Hutton's daughter Georgia. Georgia admits that she had a miscarriage in the room but evidence shows that the baby was born alive and the young couple are arrested for infanticide - despite the absence of a corpse. At their trial, where they are represented by smooth Maitland Cosby, a long-standing adversary of Jake, they claim to have no knowledge of what happened to the baby but its little body is later found and Charles Hutton admits to helping with its disposal. Cosby submits that the infant's death was accidental. The prosecutors hope that the jury will disagree.


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