Law and Order
CI, Episode 1.20
Production number: E2124
First aired: 28 April 2002
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Written By
Marlane Gomard Meyer

Directed By
Constantine Makris


While investigating multiple murders in a brownstone, Goren and Eames discover that the killings were staged to look like a murder-suicide.


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Goren: Suicide by stabbing. Was there a note?
Eames: This whole house is a note.

Robert Goren: What you got in here? Prime rib and ... wow! Is that a lobster wiggling around down there?!

Goren: Terry Randolph. He's been with school security almost 2 years. He was Phil Legrand's supervisor.
Eames: Well, here's one reason why Randolph might've been denied for detective. Terry Randolph's a woman. Funny how that detail escaped your powers of observation.

Goren: Actually, uh, Randolph, he had other problems.
Randolph: Detective, I prefer being addressed by my rank.
Goren: Cluster Sergeant!

Alexandra Eames about Arliss: Clerical mistake, my ass. She got to him.

Goren: Well, I can vouch for his assistant.
Eames: Denise? You dog.

Randolph: If something's important enough, you find a way. We're frugal.
Goren: Oh! My partner's a miser. I'm frugal... and neither of us could afford a house, two kids in a private school...

Background information and notes

  • Actress S. Epatha Merkerson makes a crossover appearance as Lieutenant Anita Van Buren. Merkerson plays the same character on Law & Order. This was also her only appearance in Criminal Intent.
  • When Eames is looking through the files of police officers that could fit the psychological profile of the killer, the name "James B. Sheridan" is on one of the files. James B. (Jamey) Sheridan plays Captain Deakins on the show

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Office of Ron Sherwood
N.Y. Comptroller's Office
3 Broadway
Tuesday, March 5

Forensic Accounting
One Police Plaza
Friday, March 8

Office of Lt. Van Buren
27th Precinct
Wednesday, March 13

4 5 6

51st Precinct
The Bronx
Monday, March 18

CSU Technical Division
The Bronx
Thursday, March 21

Office of A.D.A. Ron Carver
One Hogan Place
Wednesday, March 6

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