Law and Order
Law and Order
CI, Episode 2.11
Production number: E3209
First aired: 12 January 2003
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Teleplay By
Theresa Rebeck

Story By
Theresa Rebeck & René Balcer

Directed By
Constantine Makris

After a troubled airline baggage supervisor is found murdered, Detectives Goren and Eames find themselves in a credit card scam with foreign links.




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Ron Carver: There is not a single case on the books showing a causal relationship between sexual harassment and murder.
Alexandra Eames: Not a single case, until now.

Ron Carver: That's the problem with most men: they want what they can't get and don't want what they have.
Alexandra Eames: No, the problem with men is they talk too much.
Airline Worker: You understand I'm bending our rules.
Alexandra Eames: I think your rules are used to it.

Background information and notes[]

  • This episode seems to be based on the Susan Taraskiewicz case. Taraskiewicz was last seen on September 13, 1992 when she left Logan International Airport. Thirty hours later, her body was found inside the trunk of her car outside an auto body shop in Revere, Massachusetts. After an FBI team declared that the murder required two or three people, the investigation focused upon Northwest Airlines workers who had sexually harassed and physically threatened Taraskiewicz. The same workers were engaged in a credit card theft ring, and before her death, at least one of them had claimed to others that Taraskiewicz was a snitch. Nevertheless, more than 15 years later her murder remains unsolved. (Source: Baggage at Wikipedia)
  • This is actor Lee Tergesen's (Keith Ramsey) first appearance in an episode from Criminal Intent. In the sixth season episode "30" he returns as a different character named Josh Lemle.
  • The episode title "Baggage" is a reference to Jenny Sullivan's job as an airline baggage supervisor.

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