SVU, Episode 10.18
Production number: 100
First aired: 7 April 2009
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Stabler and Moran Baggage
Written By
Judith McCreary

Directed By
Chris Zalla

When Detectives Fin and Stabler catch a murder case involving a young artist, they team up with another officer who suspects that the killing is the latest act by a serial killer who he has been chasing.


Stabler is forced to work on a serial killer case with Victor Moran, an abrasive detective who has been on the case for months and prefers to work alone. However, Stabler discovers that Moran's motivation is not glory and recognition, but instead justice for his own daughter, whom he blames the killer for as he was busy with the case when she had an accident. Eventually Stabler and Moran identify Mark Ocurro as the killer, but he has an alibi for the death of one of the victims. It's eventually figured out that Ocurro used the victim's kiln to make the time of death seem different and created the alibi, having read forensic textbooks. Moran and Stabler go after him again and catch him in the act of starting to rape yet another victim and Ocurro confesses to the murders and two more in the Dominican Republic. Moran decides to have his daughter's organs harvested for donation rather than have her continue to linger on in her current state.


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(on Mark Ocurro)

Elliot Stabler: He scare you?
Angela Ocurro: Yes! He once tied a cat to a bus. He dropped another one off a sixth-story walk-up. He's a mistake, I don't know whose - mine or God's!

Background information and notes

  • Mariska Hargitay was not able to appear in this episode due to her recent lung problems early in 2009. However, she does appear in the remaining episodes of the season that succeed this one.
  • When Elliot tells Fin that he's going to tell Victor about how the case is going, Fin reminds him to tell him that Stefan had confessed. But Fin wasn't in the room when Stefan confessed, so he shouldn't know that.

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Debra Huggins
324 West 138th Street
Tuesday, March 31

Mercy General Hospital
365 West 32nd Street
Wednesday, April 1

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Friday, April 3

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Supreme Court
Pre-Trial Hearing
Part 46
Monday, April 6

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Casey Chapman
324 West 138th Street
Tuesday, April 7

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Tuesday, April 7

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