Barclay Pallister
Name Barclay Pallister
Pathology Alleged rapist
Alleged murderer
Family Sarah Pallister (daughter with April Troost)
Status Alive
Actor Julian Sands
First Appearance "Design"

Barclay Pallister is a man who was drugged and raped by April Troost and was later accused of rape by Troost.


Barclay met Troost at a bar where Troost spiked his drink and raped him while he was drugged. Troost fell pregnant with his baby and told the Special Victims Unit that Barclay had raped and impregnated, which Barclay denied and was shocked when he discovered that Troost was pregnant with his baby. When Troost staged her own death, he became the prime suspect in her murder.

It soon became clear to the detectives that Troost was a con artist and rapist and that Barclay had committed no crime. When Troost was found alive and wouldn't reveal where her baby was, Barclay begged the SVU to find his baby. The detectives soon found the baby with Troost's mother Lorraine Dillon and the baby was given to Barclay. (SVU: "Design")

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