Barry Querns
Name Barry Querns
Title Defense Attorney
Occupation Attorney
Status Unknown
Actor Reg E. Cathey
First Appearance "Rhodium Nights"
Last Appearance "Undercover Blue"

Barry Querns is a defense attorney who has clashed with the Special Victims Unit over extremely controversial cases involving former and current members of the Special Victims Unit.


Querns was originally Bart Ganzel's dedicated defense attorney until he was suspected in the murder of Carissa Gibson and framing Captain Donald Cragen of murdering her. When the Special Victims Unit accused him of the crime, he claimed innocence and resigned as Bart Ganzel's defense attorney. Barry later returned into the squad's lives when Detective Brian Cassidy was accused of sexual assault.

In order to prove his innocence, Brian and Barry used a cruel defense strategy and brought Nick Amaro's son's mother into the scene, to lead the jury to suspect corruption in the squad. Nick confronted Brian in the men's bathroom in the courthouse, and Brian insisted he had to use desperate measures in order to avoid going to prison and that he was indeed sorry. Eventually, Brian is cleared of the charges. It is unknown what happened to Querns afterwards.


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