"Beautiful Frame"
SVU, Episode 14.11
Production number: 14012
First aired (US): 9 January 2013
First aired (UK): 26 February 2013
First aired (CAN): 9 January 2013
First aired (AUS): 14 March 2013
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Written By
Peter Blauner

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac

Plot[edit | edit source]

SVU clashes with the Suffolk County DA, who is prosecuting a recent rape victim for her boyfriend's murder whilst the apparent rapist is suspected of framing the rape victim by the SVU.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Pam James: [to Barba] You attack the integrity of my office, you're in for the fight of your life.

Michael Provo: [to Pam James] You'd really sell me out, Pam? After everything I've done for you? You'd still be putting your tits on the table for traffic court judges if it wasn't for me!

Barba: [about Jessie Sturgis after she's arraigned for murder] We're in someone else's courthouse and it's not our case. She's their defendant.
Olivia: I know, but she's also our victim.

Barba: Ms. James, what brings you to town?
Pam James: I was heading to the governor's fundraiser when I heard that your SVU minions arrested Mr. Provo in Islip.
Barba: Yeah, they said traffic was terrible coming back.

Amaro: [to Carol McEwan about Michael Provo] See, we know Provo's M.O. He was having a relationship with you while your husband was away.
Carol McEwan: You can't prove that.
Olivia: Carol, it's what he does. He takes advantage of women who are already in trouble.
Carol McEwan: I love my husband.
Nick: Did Provo threaten to tell Eddie about your affair?
Carol McEwan: I'm Eddie's whole world. If he finds out, he'll kill me, then he'll kill himself.
Olivia: And we don't want to have to tell him, but there's an innocent woman who's looking at 25 to life.
Carol McEwan: So you're gonna blackmail me into doing what's right? Who's taking advantage of who now?

Olivia: Jessie, we had to withdraw charges.
Jessie Sturgis: What? But he raped me. He beat me. He left me bleeding in the street.
Olivia: Barba had to make a deal to get you out right away. That was... that was the priority.
Jessie Sturgis: And the rape never happened?
Olivia: Legally, no. Jessie, take Matthew home. You won.

Amaro: [about Jessie] Raped, put in jail, her kid taken away. I don't know how she held it together.
Olivia: She did it for her son.

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Episode scene cards[edit | edit source]

1 2 3

Arraignment Court
Suffolk County Courthouse
Islip, New York
Tuesday, December 11

Grand Jury
Suffolk County Courthouse
Islip, New York
Wednesday, December 12

Gorromini & Sons
649 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York
Wednesday, December 12

4 5 6

Preliminary Hearing
Part 26
New York, New York
Friday, December 14

Suffolk County Courthouse
Part 15
Islip, New York
Monday, December 17

Residence of
Carol McEwan and Eddie Baker
Hempstead, New York
Wednesday, December 19

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