SVU, Episode 11.18
Production number: 11018
First aired: 31 March 2010
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Teleplay By
Neal Baer & Daniel Truly

Story By
Charley Davis

Directed By
Helen Shaver

Plot[edit | edit source]

The case of a woman found murdered in her bed reminds Cragen of a 30-year-old case from the Bronx. The investigation then leads Benson and Stabler to question a patrol cop and the prime suspect's ex-lover.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

The truth hurts. And Jane was gonna splash it all over the front page. Of course, she'd have to use small print.

–Benson interrogating Ned Bogdon

Olivia Benson: I gotta tell ya, I never would have pegged a woman for it.
Elliot Stabler: You're surprised by a killer woman? Try missing an anniversary.
Olivia Benson: Still, one that plans murders is pretty rare.

Olivia Benson: So, the maestro couldn't keep his baton in his pants. Let's go talk to him, see if he remembers which one of these mattress tramps had it in for the missus.
Donald Cragen: Well, take a shovel. Cal Cutler died in a drunk driving accident eight months after his wife was murdered. Burned to death.
Elliot Stabler: Great. Everyone who can give us information on this case is 6 feet under.

Olivia Benson: So your hand on my breast is just a happy accident?

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Eternal Peace Mortuary
178 Nepperhan Avenue
Yonkers, New York
Monday, March 1

Welfare Benefits Bureau
347 9th Avenue
Tuesday, March 2

Apartment of
Susan Delzio
465 East 88th Street
Wednesday, March 3

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