SVU, Episode 11.20
Production number: 11020
First aired: 21 April 2010
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Detectives Benson Stabler Beef
Written By
Lisa Loomer

Directed By
Peter Leto


After a young woman is sexually assaulted and murdered, Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler track down the woman's boyfriend - their first suspect - but learn that he is a devout vegan who would not hurt a fly. They soon find that the victim had been deeply involved in the fight to expose questionable practices in the meatpacking industry, even going undercover at a large company to find out the truth. Benson goes undercover herself to retrace the woman's footsteps and to identify who the victim might have angered along the way.


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  • Stabler: (to suspect) Being nice to bugs is not a defense for murder.

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Apartment of
Jan Eyck
601 East 83rd Street
Friday, April 2

Residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Santiago
37-68 86th Street
Queens, New York
Saturday, April 3

Mavia's Book Shop
82 Warren Street
Saturday, April 3

Apartment of
Laura Santiago
74 East 77th Street
Saturday, April 3

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The Real Version
32 Beaver Street
Saturday, April 3

Vargas Residence
185 East 118th Street
Sunday, April 4

Donna Rosa's Meats
1285 Viele Avenue
Bronx, New York
Monday, April 5

Residence of
Rosa Doletti
1970 Lurting Avenue
Bronx, New York
Tuesday, April 6

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