Bella Carisi
Name Bella Carisi
Family Unnamed parents
Unnamed daughter
Mia Carisi (niece)
Dominick Carisi, Jr. (brother)
Teresa Carisi (sister)
Gina Carisi (sister)
Tommy Sullivan (fiancé)
Status Alive
Actor Marin Ireland
First Appearance "Parole Violations"

Bella Carisi is one of the sisters of Detective Sonny Carisi.


When Bella is introduced, she is showing Carisi where she is going to put her items for her baby after with he congratulates her pregnancy. She then kisses her fiancé, Tommy Sullivan, goodbye before he goes to see his parole officer Donna Marshall.

Later on, Bella comes into the precinct looking for Carisi, where she is introduced to Detectives Amaro and Rollins. She tells Carisi that Tommy has been missing since he went to see Donna. When Tommy is found and tells her that he was raped by Donna, she is infuriated, believing he had consensual sex with Donna, and also accused her brother of defending him. Tommy insists that Donna forced him to have sex with her, but she would not believe him, even when Carisi tried to tell her that men can be raped as well.