L&O, Episode 3.22
Production number: 68028
First aired: 19 May 1993
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Cragen Benevolence
Teleplay By
Doug Palau

Story By
Doug Palau & René Balcer

Directed By
Ed Sherin

Logan and Briscoe investigate the death of a hearing-impaired young woman.




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"How many apartments are in this building?"
"Do they ALL have to eat eggs?"

- Lennie Briscoe and Mike Logan

"If he doesn't work out, there's always the nun in Calcutta."

- Adam Schiff

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Episode scene cards

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The Bryce Institute
for the Deaf
Dr. Gordon Bryce
Thursday, March 25

L.O.U.D. Headquarters
Richard Fiorello
36 Greene Street
Friday, March 26

Rikers Island
Correctional Facility
Thursday, April 1

4 5 6

Linguistic Lab
Frank Durnan
Tuesday, April 13

East Side Athletic Club
30 East 28th Street
Thursday, April 22

Chambers of
Judge Francis Chabot
Wednesday, May 5

7 8 9

Bower & Brimsek
Accounting Firm
Monday, May 10

District Attorney's
Conference Room
Tuesday, May 18

Executive Assistant
District Attorney
Benjamin Stone
Friday, May 21

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