Benjamin Edelman
Name Benjamin Edelman
Pathology Alleged murderer
Family Rose Edelman (mother; deceased)
Joseph Edelman (brother; deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Wallace Shawn
First Appearance "Alta Kockers"

Benjamin Edelman is an elderly man who became a suspect in the murder of a young author, Bobbi O'Rourke. It was soon revealed that he was a victim of sexual abuse as a child, as was his brother Joseph, and that the stories Bobbi supposedly wrote were actually written by Benjamin himself, as a way to cope with the trauma of the abuse he suffered.

During a search of the Edelman home, the frozen body of Benjamin and Joseph's mother Rose was discovered. She had been smothered to death, apparently with a pillow. Both brothers were arrested for killing her.

Joseph eventually confessed, in court, to murdering Rose, who had been in constant pain from cancer, before having a fatal heart attack. As a result, the charges against Benjamin were dropped. (SVU: "Alta Kockers")

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