Benjamin Stone
Stone Subterranean Homeboy Blues.jpg
Name Benjamin Stone
Title Executive Assistant District Attorney
Affiliation Manhattan District Attorney's Office
Occupation Attorney
Family Peter Stone (son)
Pamela Stone (daughter; deceased)
Carol (sister (in-law))
Status Deceased
Actor Michael Moriarty
First Appearance "Prescription for Death"
Last Appearance "Old Friends"

Benjamin "Ben" Stone was an Executive Assistant District Attorney on Law & Order.

History[edit | edit source]

Stone worked under Alfred Wentworth (in the intended pilot episode) and Adam Schiff. It was Schiff with whom he is closest, treating him as a kind of surrogate father, his own father having been an overbearing alcoholic, as revealed in the episode "Prescription for Death".

Stone was divorced with two children, Peter (who worked as an Assistant State's Attorney in Chicago, and later as an ADA for the Special Victims Unit) and Pamela.

After the main witness in a racketeering case whose safety Stone had personally guaranteed was murdered by the Russian Mafia, he resigned and is succeeded by Jack McCoy as Executive ADA. (L&O: "Old Friends")

After the Job[edit | edit source]

He is mentioned in the 1996 episode Custody as a possible witness against a judge. When his former assistant Paul Robinette, now a defense attorney, wants a judge to recuse himself for past comments showing bias against drug addicts and support for forced sterilization, Robinette threatens to subpoena Stone as a witness against the judge. Upon hearing of the threat, Adam Schiff informs Jack McCoy that Stone "is traveling in Europe, not available to testify at any hearing." However, the judge by this time has already declared himself "unavailable" to hear the case.

In the thirteenth episode of Season 19 of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, it was shown that Ben Stone had passed away. His funeral is held in “The Undiscovered Country”. Rafael Barba, Jack McCoy, and Ben's son Peter attend. A eulogy is given by McCoy.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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