Bernadette Stabler
Bernadette Stabler
Name Bernadette Stabler
Family Joseph Stabler (husband)
Elliot Stabler (son)
Elliot's three brothers (sons)
Elliot's two sisters (daughters)
Maureen Stabler (granddaughter)
Kathleen Stabler (granddaughter)
Dickie Stabler (grandson)
Elizabeth Stabler (granddaughter)
Elliot Stabler, Jr. (grandson)
Kathy Stabler (daughter-in-law)
Elliot's uncle (brother or brother-in-law)
Status Alive
Actor Ellen Burstyn
First Appearance "Swing"

Bernadette Stabler (née McGinley) is the widow of Joseph Stabler and mother of Detective Elliot Stabler. Bernadette and Joseph have six children. Bernadette has bipolar disorder and she once nearly killed Elliot during a manic phase. As a result, Stabler has "erased his childhood", and maintains little contact with his mother.