Bernard Fremont
Name Thierry Gervais
Title Bernard Freemont
Pathology Psychopath
Serial killer
Serial proxy killer
Family Eileen Freemont (wife)
Status Deceased
Actor Michael York
First Appearance "Slither"

Thierry Gervais (alias Bernard Fremont) was a French-born psychopath who, with the aid of a number of associates, committed a string of thefts and murders. He is perhaps best known as the man who taught serial killer Nicole Wallace about poisons and impersonations.

In 2005, he and a trio of young women were suspected of murdering Russ Corbett and stealing all of his belongings. This led to him being brought in for questioning, and though he managed to avoid jail, he was mysteriously poisoned shortly thereafter. It is suspected that the person who poisoned him was none other than Nicole, who had learned to hate him, because he had turned her into a killer. (CI: "Slither")

Known Disciples

Known Victims

  • Eight unnamed men (all seduced by Nicole and killed by him)
  • Wesley Banyon (struck in the back of the head; decapitated post-mortem by his disciples)

Victims by Proxy

  • Unnamed Belgium couple (drugged and robbed)
  • Unnamed Australian executive (drugged, robbed and murdered)
  • The Corbetts (drugged and robbed)
    • Russ Corbett (overdosed on heroin by Hillary)
    • Monica Corbett
  • Marcel Costas (personally drugged with Rohypnol and had Mala strangle him)
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