Bernard Jackson
Bernard Jackson
Name Bernard Jackson
Affiliation RSL Studios
Occupation Artist
Insurance agent (formerly)
Pathology Forger
Family Mrs. Jackson (wife)
Status Deceased
Actor Tom Bloom
First Appearance "Art"
Bernard Jackson was a forger who was killed by Sylvia Moon, who staged his death to make it seem like Anne Ellis killed him.


Bernard went to the same art college as Sylvia. He and Sylvia were also said to have been friends at the college.

Bernard was working for an insurance agency full time for a long time until he decided to live the life of forgery and forged a Roman scupture. Bernard made millions of dollars from the paintings he made but had only deposited one hundred thousand dollars in his and his wife's bank accounts in order to avoid large amounts of taxes.

At some point Bernard had prostate surgery, which had scared him.


Bernard is seen talking with Rudy Langer about Anne and how he wanted him to help him and Anne out and Rudy agrees to help them out.

Bernard was at his home when he told his wife that he was going to go back to the studio but his wife tells him that he works a lot and that he should take some time off but Bernard goes to the studio anyway. Bernard gets to the studio with Rudy and lets Anne into the studio, when Anne asks who Rudy was Bernard said he was here to help them out, however when there is another knock on the door Bernard is confused as he didn't expect someone else to come with them, the person is Sylvia and Rudy lets her in. When Anne falls unconscious due to her drink being spiked Sylvia shoots Bernard in the chest, killing him and hangs Anne to make it look like Anne committed murder-suicide on Bernard.

The next day Bernard's wife comes to the studio after Bernard didn't recieve her calls and she find the corpses of Bernard and Anne. Bernard's wife calls the police and they do an autopsy on the corpses and they realize that Anne couldn't have committed the murder-suicide. When looking inti Bernard's past Detectives Goren and Eames discover Bernard's forgery and realize he had committed tax fraud with the help of his wife. (CI: "Art ")

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