Beth Anne Rollins
Name Beth Anne Rollins
Family Jim Rollins (ex-husband)
Amanda Rollins (daughter)
Kim Rollins (daughter)
Jesse Rollins (granddaughter)
Billie Rollins (granddaughter)
Mason Rollins (grandson)
Status Alive
Actor Virginia Madsen
First Appearance "Maternal Instincts"

Beth Anne Rollins is the mother of Amanda Rollins.


Beth Anne's relationship with Amanda was complicated, but Amanda tried her best to keep it civil. She invited Beth Anne to her baby shower, and Beth Anne told her how proud she was of Amanda. However, when her other daughter Kim became involved in a robbery, Beth Anne remained oblivious to the whole thing and protected Kim.

It wasn't until she realized that Kim was in danger that she cooperated with the Special Victims Unit. After Kim was imprisoned, Beth Anne confronted Amanda outside the courtroom about getting Kim in trouble and told her she refused to talk to her until Amanda learned the meaning of family. (SVU: "Maternal Instincts")

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