Beth Burns
Name Beth Burns
Family Lauren Burns (mother)
Status Alive
Actor Lizzy DeClement
First Appearance "Pattern Seventeen"

Beth Burns is a fifteen-year-old teenager who had a consensual sexual relationship with serial rapist Albert Beck, who was her mother's ex-boyfriend.


In 2010, while she was twelve, Beth and her mother Lauren were living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her mother started dating an EMT named Albert Beck and they all moved to New York City, New York. During the four years they were living together, Beck and Beth started having consensual sex despite her age and they also started sexting each other. Eventually, when Lauren found out, she threw Beck out, causing animosity between Beth and Lauren.

Pattern Seventeen

When SVU detectives come to their house to question Lauren about her former relationship with Beck, Beth walks in and asks what the police are doing iun their house. When she figures out the detectives are looking for Beck, she tells them that he didn't do anything wrong and then tells her mother that she and Beck hate her. When she and Lauren are brought into the precinct and told that Beck is a serial rapist, Beth claims that Beck is being framed.

When Sergeant Benson and Detective Rollins tell Beth that they have seen the texts between her and Beck, she becomes upset with her mother and tells Rollins that the texts are private. Benson tells her that because she is only fifteen, the sexts she shared with Beck are child pornography and that they can charge her and Lauren (since the phone is in her name) for distributing it, much to their surprise. In order to avoid being arrested, Beth reluctantly agrees to lure Beck out so he can be arrested. When they meet each other, Beth tells him to run, but when he tried to do so, he is captured by Detective Fin. (SVU: "Pattern Seventeen")

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