L&O, Episode 18.11
Production number: 180--
First aired: 5 March 2008
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Dr. Isaac Waxman
Written By
Richard Sweren & Gina Gionfriddo

Directed By
Marc Levin


A psychiatrist who counseled troubled teens is murdered, and the probe reveals he was intimately involved with his underage patients. This leads the detectives to suspect the man's wife, whom he met when she was a patient.


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Home of
Dr. Isaac Waxman
291 West 10th Street
Thursday, August 2

Union Square Park
East 14th Street
And Broadway
Thursday, August 2

Home of
Barry and June Doherty
599 West 91 Street
Thursday, August 2

Bellevue Hospital
Psychiatric Wing
462 1st Street
Friday, August 3

Greenwich Street School
655 Greenwich Street
Monday, August 6

6 7 8 9

Home of
Maureen Donovan
Hanover, New Hampshire
Tuesday, August 7

Chambers of
Judge Anton Vittelli
Wednesday, September 12

Supreme Court
Trial Part 49
Monday, October 15

Supreme Court
Trial Part 49
Wednesday, October 17

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Season 18
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