"Bible Story"
L&O, Episode 16.11
Production number: 16004
First aired: 7 December 2005
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Written By
Richard Sweren

Directed By
Rick Wallace


A man is found beaten to death in a synagogue after ripping pages from the Torah. McCoy wants to charge not only the killer, but also the person who hired the deceased to defile the sacred book.


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Sadiq's Laundromat
296 Grand Street
Wednesday, August 11

Temple Beth Tefiloh
104 Hester Street
Wednesday, August 11

Home Of
Jefferey Kilgore
Patchogue Village, NY
Thursday, August 12

4 5 6

Ben-Daniel Realty
137 Delancey Street
Friday, August 13

Home Of
Eric Speicher
88 Forsyth Street
Saturday, August 14

Supreme Court
Trial Part 75
Tuesday, October 12


Supreme Court
Trial Part 75
Thursday, October 14

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