Bill Becker
Bill becker svu
Name Bill Becker
Affiliation Hudson University
Occupation Football coach
Pathology Serial proxy rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Glenn Morshower
First Appearance "Gridiron Soldier"

Coach Bill Becker is a popular football coach for Hudson University who had his players sexually assault each other to "toughen them up".


Wanting his football team to be mentally tough Coach Becker had his players haze each other through sexual assault. One football player named Eddie was caught crying in the locker room after missing a few shots so Becker orders some of the older players to sexually assault him with a broom handle. Later on a high school football star recruit named Cedric Jones comes to New York for a recruiting weekend, the couch, players and the cheerleaders try to convince him to join the team but Cedric tells them he already committed to another collage and that he only came to see the city, Cedric is then deceived when cheerleaders Tanya and Zoe put a blindfold on him only to take it off and have Cedric learn he actually got oral from a gay male cheerleader named Ty. When Amaro and Rollins question Becker about Cedric's whereabouts he tells them he does't know.

When the detectives question the players and some of the cheerleaders about the assault they claim it was just a prank and when they tell Becker he has Tanya visit Cedric in jail and blackmail him with a video they have of the gay cheerleader giving him oral which causes Cedric to attempt to hang himself, Cedric survives the suicide attempt but his neck was broke which meant he could no longer play football. When Benson and Fin go to question the coach he denies his team did anything and tries to blame Cedric for what happened to him. After some of the football players are arrested Eddie admits he was raped and the coach is arrested for the sexual assault of Eddie. In addition to Eddie and Cedric it is revealed that other players were raped. Eventually, Becker pleads guilty to multiple counts of arranging sexual assault and members of the football team and the cheerleaders are also convicted of rape. (SVU: "Gridiron Soldier")

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