Law and Order

William "Bill" Harris was a serial rapist and kidnapper, and a suspect in the four separate rapes of Vicki Sayers.


Harris raped ten other women, all on multiple, separate occasions, all over the country for over two decades. Since 1995, he stalked and raped Vicki. Every time she was raped, he told her to "behave herself." When Vicki was attacked again in New York, Olivia Benson took special interest in her case. With help of Detective Rex Winters, Benson was able to get the rape kits from the previous states where Vicki was raped. Unfortunately, for Vicki, the DNA was too degraded and the statute of limitations had run out on some cases and Harris was released.

All was not lost, however, when Benson and Fin came across some duct tape from a 1998 attack on Vicki that Harris used to tie her up. No one ever told Vicki since her police report was lost in a fire. Harris was then arrested on kidnapping as he had held Vicki captive for over twelve hours with Stabler informing him that there was no statute of limitations on the charge. Once he was behind bars, he pleaded to Vicki who spoke to Bill and said she will always know where he is before using the same words, he used to threaten her, "Behave yourself" and personally shut Harris' cell door. He likely also faced incarceration for his other rapes, with the SVU turning over all of the recovered driver's licenses to the FBI, who were stated to have taken over the case before Benson figured out they could get Harris for kidnapping. (SVU: "Behave")

Known Victims

  • 1995-2010:
    • Harlem, New York: Vicki Sayers (first rape occurred in 1995; second rape occurred on November 14, 1998; third rape occurred in Los Angeles, California, in July 2000; fourth rape occurred on August 3, 2010)
    • San Diego, California: Sarah Miller (first rape occurred in 1995)
    • Detroit, Michigan: Danielle Taylor (first rape occurred in 1999; second rape occurred in 2003)
    • Houston, Texas: Jamie Klarc
    • Birmingham, Alabama: Susan Denning
    • Oakland, California: Josy Franklin
    • Los Angeles, California: Wendi Guparti
    • Albuquerque, New Mexico: Amy Venuto
    • Chicago, Illinois: Linda Laslen (first rape occurred in 1997; second rape occurred in 2001)
    • San Antonio, Texas: Unidentified woman
    • Phoenix, Arizona: Unidentified woman