Billy Baker
Name Billy Baker
Occupation Department store employee
Pathology Mass murderer
Spree killer
Serial proxy rapist
Serial harasser
Family Al Baker (father)
Charlie Baker (brother)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Jason Ritter
First Appearance "Dominance"

Billy Baker was the brother and unwilling accomplice of spree killer Charlie Baker. During his killing spree, he forced the victims to rape and sodomize each other before killing them by shooting them with a .380 pistol.

After confessing to his participation in the murder spree, Billy was sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole for conspiracy and murder, whilst Charlie was executed for all murders.

Known Victims

  • Paul Dumont (bludgeoned by for access to the townhouse; survived, but later died in the hospital)
  • The townhouse massacre (all were forced at gunpoint to rape and sodomize each other, then shot in the head):
    • Evan Briggs
    • Melissa Ziman (Evan's fiancée)
    • Dean McCarren
    • Regina Valerio
  • Russell and Darlene Weston (both forced at gunpoint to rape each other, then shot in the head)
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