Billy Skags
Name Billy Skags
Occupation Minister
Pathology Double murderer
Double assailant
Status Imprisoned
Actor Lee Tergesen
First Appearance "Savior"

Billy Skags is a double murderer. A minister and a religious zealot, he attacked prostitutes and left homemade prayer cards of Zadkiel, the archangel of mercy, on their bodies afterwards.

He was later tried and convicted of two counts of second-degree murder and one count of attempted second-degree murder and is serving the maximum sentence. (SVU: "Savior")

Known Victims

  • Maggie Ortiz
  • Abby Mannion
  • Spud (intended; she escaped)
  • Gladys Dalton (attempted, but survived; was non-fatally strangled and left to die; later attempted to assault)
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