Billy Tripley
Name Billy Tripley
Occupation Billionaire toy mogul
Pathology Alleged sexual assailant
Status Exonerated
Actor Will Keenan
First Appearance "Sick"

William "Billy" Tripley is a popular toy mogul who is adored by children, but is accused twice of child molestation.


Billy was the owner of Tripley Toys, which he inherited from his father. His toy company was wildly successful, making over $1.7 billion in profits. He was also known for helping out needy children and their families.

Billy was emotionally immature and childlike, to the point of having his pubic hair removed via laser surgery. Billy admitted to holding slumber parties with children. There was a special room his alleged victims would be brought in, called "The Treasure Room", where the alleged molestations occurred.

Billy was a suspect in the molestation of Jeremy "J.J." Ostilow, Jr. However, J.J. recanted his accusations against him, thereby dismissing the case. The Special Victims Unit believed J.J. was forced to recant his statement so his parents can keep the hush money, which seemed to be confirmed when J.J.'s parents smuggled him over the Canadian border so that he cannot be forced to testify at the trial.

Billy was later a suspect in another molestation, but it was discovered that the alleged victim's con-artist grandmother, Nora Hodges, implanted a strand of his hair in the alleged victim's clothing. Though Nora was not charged with this fraud, she was charged with and convicted of multiple counts of fraud on a cancer scam and attempted murder in the first degree of her granddaughter. The molestation charge against Billy was subsequently dismissed. (SVU: "Sick")

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