"Bitter Fruit"
L&O, Episode 6.01
Production number: K0105
First aired: 20 September 1995
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Bitter Fruit
Written By
René Balcer & Jeremy R. Littman

Directed By
Constantine Makris


Briscoe and his new partner investigate a girl's death and find a clue in film from an ATM camera.


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I got ties older than him. And some shoes, too, I think.


Briscoe: When I was a kid growing up around here, the worst thing that could happen to you was you skinned your knee playing Johnny on the pony.
Curtis: Yeah, well, I don't remember things being so rosy when I was a kid.
Briscoe: When was that, last week?

Sullivan: You got to understand, this wasn't my idea.
McCoy: Elvis spoke to you through your car radio?

[after hearing that Karen shot Nick to death in the courtroom]
Schiff: How in Hell did she get that gun into the courthouse?!
Kincaid: I don't know.
Schiff: You don't know. Well, somebody better find out. Normal-lookin' people out there taking the law in their own hands!
McCoy: With 8,000,000 taxpayers cheering 'em on. They're lining up to pat Karen Gaines on the back.
Schiff: Right.
Kincaid: Well, it doesn't take much effort to put yourself in her shoes.
McCoy: Unfortunately, she's not the first parent to lose a child. That can't justify premeditated murder.
Kincaid: You wanna try her for murder-2?
McCoy: She had the presence of mind to smuggle a loaded weapon into a courthouse. I have 40 witnesses who saw her shoot Capetti. I don't see what the problem is.
Schiff: The problem is that your jury will wish that they pulled the trigger!
McCoy: If we don't come down hard on Karen Gaines, somebody else'll get the idea that it's okay to turn another courtroom into the O.K. Corral.
Schiff: And if she gets acquitted, what message does that send? I'm not takin' that chance. You're talkin' to her lawyer.

McCoy: Your son was convicted of committing violent crimes, isn't that right?
Mrs. Capetti: He wasn't a saint. I didn't say he was. And if he had anything to do with that little girl, then he should've paid by the law! Now, I could live with that, but not with this. [to Karen, furiously] What gave you the right to shoot him like a dog?!
Judge Caffey: Mrs. Capetti, please! Address the court.

Karen: How can you think for a minute that I would let my own child die? What kind of mother do you think I am?! You don't know what I did for her. For 10 years, I stayed in a nightmare marriage, just so she could have a real home. I fought for custody for her, but he had more money, more lawyers. He turned me into an addict, and then used it against me! That bastard! He stole her away from me! He told her lies about me! He made her afraid of me! I loved her!
McCoy: But you hated your husband more.

Background information and notes

  • The killing of a criminal in open court is based on the Ellie Nesler case.
  • This episode was later adapted into the Law & Order: UK episode "Hidden".

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Medical Examiner
Thursday, May 26

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Thursday, May 26

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Gardner Clinic
Great Neck, Long Island
Thursday, August 4

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Supreme Court
Trial Part 76
Monday, September 5

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