L&O, Episode 20.12
Production number: 20012
First aired: 15 January 2010
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Written By
Ed Zuckerman & Matthew McGough

Directed By
Marc Levin


When Bernard and Lupo find a woman dead in an abandoned apartment, they learn she was a journalist working for a celebrity gossip site. The investigation reveals that the dead journalist was in a lesbian affair with daytime talk show host Vanessa Carville. When they go to talk to Carville, the men find her in a meeting with McCoy, who reports that Carville has received a blackmail package. In McCoy's office sometime later, Van Buren looks through the package, which turns out to not only contain sexually compromising photos of Carville with other women, but a demand for three million dollars to not publish the photos, which Carville confirms are real.

Bernard and Lupo arrest the blackmailer, Dennis di Palma, after a sting operation, during which Carville hands di Palma a check for the three million dollars. Afterwards, Carville makes a confession on her show regarding the affairs. Meanwhile, a judge sets di Palma's bail at three million dollars, after which di Palma and his attorney, Baron, hold a press conference outside the courthouse, during which Baron says he and his client are going to tell the real story. It turns out di Palma is being blackmailed by his accomplice, Derek Fanning, and McCoy resorts to a similar tactic to get a conviction against Fanning.


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Background information & notes

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