Law and Order
Law and Order
CI, Episode 6.09
Production number: 06008
First aired: 21 November 2006
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Teleplay By
Charlie Rubin

Story By
Charlie Rubin & Warren Leight

Directed By
Constantine Makris


A dead John Doe turns out to be a former child star fallen on hard times. While investigating his death, the police are lead to a bootleg DVD operation run by the Albanian Mafia, involving the murdered actor's co-star.


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Ross: We have a child sitcom star dealing drugs to children out of an ice cream truck in the park. Heartwarming.
Wheeler: Some mother. She didn't love Skater. Just saw her son as a meal ticket.
Logan: Hmm. If anybody had cared about him, he wouldn't have ended up in Potter's Field.
Ross: Least he didn't stay there. You guys pulled him out.
Ross (about the blasters): If he's such a tough guy, why didn't he take out my detectives?
Zim Flamur: 'Cause they're not in blood with him. If they were, they'd be dead – with the Nigerian.
Wheeler: "In blood," like a vendetta?
Zim Flamur: Older. From the 15th century Code of Lek.
Logan: (to Wheeler) You're not up on that, Wheeler? Goren woulda known.

Background information and notes[]

Background information and notes

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