Law and Order
"Blood Is Thicker..."
L&O, Episode 2.14
Production number: 67422
First aired: 4 February 1992
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Teleplay By
Ed Zuckerman

Story By
Robert Nathan & Ed Zuckerman

Directed By
Peter Levin

A man from an old-money New York family is accused of killing his wife over an affair.




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"Who’s available to send in?"
"An armed robber. A rent-gouging landlord. Both of those are ripe for deals."
"Go with the armed robber: ends up in front of a jury, get more sympathy than a landlord."

- Adam Schiff and Benjamin Stone

"You should wait for my attorney."
"Yes ma’am, but the law says we don’t have to."

- Barbara Ryder and Phil Cerreta

"He has no idea when she walked in. Could’ve been 10:00 when she swears she was playing games with Johnny."
"Or it could have been 12:00 when Johnny was on his way not to kill his wife."
"Great. We put him on the stand as a rebuttal witness. If Webber forgets to cross-examine, we’re all set."

- Mike Logan, Phil Cerreta and Paul Robinette

"Hey, you find semen in the vagina, you don’t call us?"
"Nobody said it was rape. There’s no sign of rape. No tearing, no abrasions."
"The husband was out of town."
"I’m supposed to know that? What am I, his travel agent?"

- Phil Cerreta, Medical Examiner and Mike Logan

"What did you guys do, put angel dust in his caviar?"

- Morgan

"If he takes the deal, I’d say 'Yes'."
"If he takes the deal, I’ll start buying lottery tickets."

- Paul Robinette and Benjamin Stone

"Why does she go to a late movie with two little kids at home?"
"Maybe because she had two little kids at home."

- Mike Logan and Donald Cragen

"Another generation of Ryders."
"God help them."

- Paul Robinette and Benjamin Stone

"I told him it was all right, a technical violation at worst."
"Bad advice, counselor. Very bad advice. I've got a technical solution for his technical violation. Mr. Ryder likes islands? I've got one for him... Rikers."

- Attorney Larry Webber and Judge Eric Bryan

Background information and notes

  • In this episode we learn that Detective Tony Profaci is married to a woman named Shirley.
  • The episode title "Blood Is Thicker..." is a reference to the strong family connection between Barbara Ryder and her son Jonathan.

Episode scene cards

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69th Street Twin
Monday, January 7

Lexington Avenue &
85th Street
Wednesday, January 16

Forensic Laboratory
Tuesday, January 29

New Era Pawn Shop
620 West 21st Street
Thursday, February 7

Barbara Ryder's
6 East 75th Street
Monday, February 25

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Arraignment Court
Thursday, March 21

Supreme Court
Trial Part 49
Monday, April 22

Supreme Court
Trial Part 49
Wednesday, April 24

Foley Square
Monday, April 29

Supreme Court
Trial Part 49
Tuesday, May 7

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