Bob Gervits
Name Bob Gervits
Title Assistant U.S. Attorney
Affiliation United States Department of Justice
Division Southern District
Occupation Attorney
Status Alive
Actor John Driver
First Appearance "DWB"
Last Appearance "Ambitious"

Robert "Bob" Gervits is an assistant U.S. attorney who has an antagonistic relationship with Jack McCoy.

History[edit | edit source]

When two police officers, Carlson and Fratelli, are arrested for killing an African-American auxiliary police officer, Gervits conveys an offer to the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. The U.S. attorney will take over the case, sparing the DA's office from any possible backlash from the NYPD. Schiff tells him that they appreciate the offer but decline it, and Gervits leaves their office. When another officer, Frank Dietrick, is discovered to have helped with the cover-up, Gervits interrupts the interrogation and listens as Dietrick's attorney says he will only talk if granted immunity on the state and federal levels. Gervits immediately agrees and McCoy reluctantly accepts the deal as well. When McCoy withdraws the deal due to the discovery of Dietrick's racist and violent urges, Gervits adamantly refuses to withdraw their deal. While McCoy argues with Gervits and the mayor, Schiff shouts "Take the case" and allows the federal government to prosecute them. McCoy, however, circumvents his authority to void the deal the federal agents have with Dietrick. Gervits tries to sustain the deal in court, but the judge rules in McCoy's favor. (L&O: "DWB")

Gervits runs into McCoy again when Donald Gibson was murdered by a local mobster named Sean Russo. Gervits claims that the impaneling of a grand jury for a racketeering case against Russo was already in the works. However, he is content to wait for their murder case to be resolved, and Gervits plans his revenge on McCoy. He listens as McCoy offers a deal to two club owners who arranged for the murder for their cooperation, guaranteeing federal witness protection. When Russo's attorney, Leonard Sklar, listens to the owners testify as their allocution, he arranges a deal with Gervits. He tells them Russo will give up the remaining members of the Russo Crime Family, if he agrees to ten years and makes the state accept a plea of manslaughter in the second degree, to be served concurrently. When McCoy refuses, Schiff accepts the deal. Gervits files racketeering charges against the club owners and pulls the witness protection order to spite McCoy. McCoy criticizes Gervits' dirty tactics and for lying to them, but Gervits just smiles and hypothetically says they are even. (L&O: "Ambitious")

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