L&O, Episode 14.02
Production number: E4304
First aired: 1 October 2003
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Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin

Directed By
Matthew Penn


The detectives search for the killer of a bounty hunter who was investigating the sources used by a prize-winning, black newspaper reporter; the court case develops into a litmus test of the pros and cons of affirmative action.


Main cast

Guest cast


Affirmative Action; Bobcat Rovelli; Mitchell Maas; New York Ledger; New York Sentinel; Monarch Hotel; Oaktree Motel; Atlantic States Telecom; Clinton Hotel; Tuscon; Charleston; University of Michigan; Greenwich, CT


Dworkin: Lawyer-to-lawyer... you never talked to Denise, did you?
McCoy: No.
Dworkin: Then how did you know?
McCoy: I didn't. But I do know that I'm barely white enough to live in Greenwich, Connecticut.
Dworkin: Opportunity is not opportunity when it's accompanied by marginalization.
McCoy: That's backwards! The DENIAL of opportunity created marginalization, and there's one word for that - RACISM!
Dworkin: Oooo, the ''R" word...the most dangerous weapon in the leftist's arsenal!

Background information and notes

Background information and notes

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