"Boy Gone Astray"
L&O, Episode 20.07
Production number: 20007
First aired: 6 November 2009
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Teleplay By
Keith Eisner

Story By
René Balcer & Keith Eisner

Directed By
Rose Troche


The murder of an art dealer who moonlighted as a drug dealer leads Lupo and Bernard to a cartel that uses young boys as enforcers, and creates trouble for Rubirosa.


Main Cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast


Drug Enforcement Administration; Vela Cartel; La Gringa Bravera; Los Guererros; El Vaquero Cafe; Invisible Children; Juan Cortina; Eminence Motors; Scarsdale; Los Vagabundos


Connie Rubirosa: Tell the judge we need more time. We can reach him.
Michael Cutter: Look at him, Connie. He's been reached.

Background information and notes

Background information and notes

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"Boy Gone Astray"
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