Brad Fletcher
Name Brad Fletcher
Occupation High school student
NYPD Explorer
Pathology Con artist
Family Unnamed parents
Seven unnamed uncles
Phil Fletcher (cousin)
Unnamed cousins
Status Alive
Actor Graham Davie
First Appearance "Wannabe"

Brad Fletcher is a young man who impersonated a police officer.


When he was a child, Brad wanted nothing more than to be a police officer. According to his mother, he would dress up as a cop every Halloween. Brad purchased a police officer uniform and equipment, and posed as a graduate from the academy. He went to a task-force meeting and later apprehended Wayne Hankett, a serial rapist. However, SVU gradually began to notice that he wasn't an actual cop. He ran from the squad room. They later found him at his school and arrested him for impersonating a police officer.

He was offered a plea bargain for 100 hours of community service and six months, after which the charge would be expunged from his record, so he would have the chance to get into the academy if he wanted to. He later violated his probation by spying on Hankett and was shot by Hankett's father Travis, but not before he discovered evidence that led to the arrest of both Hanketts, and was granted a second chance to get into the academy. The last scene of him was Jo Marlowe telling him that she better not see him again for five years, when he becomes an officer. (SVU: "Wannabe")

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